Thomas Ingenlath reckons having a strong brand identity is crucial in the car industry.

Polestar Chief Thomas Ingenlath as of late talked about the compromise among reach and configuration, expressing that he might want to lose a couple of miles of reach for brand character. 

While numerous automaker are intensely centered around making their EVs as effective as could really be expected, previous fashioner Ingenlath thinks that styling ought to be a vital need too.

For instance, Mercedes-Benz has gotten a ton of analysis for the plan of its EVs. While the EQS and EQE have eminent drag coefficients,

 many have rushed to call attention to the fairly tasteless styling and "egg-like" state of the pair. Their SUV counterparts have additionally gotten comparable remarks.

Talking with AutoCar, Ingenlath recognized the significance of making effective vehicles with cutthroat driving reaches. Anyway he 

demanded range isn't all that purchasers are searching for it comes to purchasing an electric vehicle, with configuration assuming a critical part too:

Ingenlath was likewise tested about Polestar's most recent vehicle, the 4 hybrid. As you might have seen, the 4 has no back window. All things considered, it depends simply on a camera framework. 

Ingenlath demanded this was improved back perceivability. He remarked that the 4 has an infinitely better back view to most vehicles because of its inventive camera framework.

Besides, the camera-framework permits the 4 to look "somewhat flighty" which is precisely exact thing Ingenlath is pursuing. All things considered, what occurs in the improbable situation the camera framework comes up short? We're not completely certain, as apparently you would be left with an enormous blindspot.