The prototype doesn't appear to be the same one spotted at the groundbreaking of the lithium refinery near Corpus Christi last week.

As summer draws near, each and every individual who's a Tesla fan - or just an EV lover - is standing by to see the electric pickup truck at last entering creation.

You might review that Tesla Chief Elon Musk said last year that underlying creation of the Cybertruck would begin in mid-2023 at Gigafactory Texas, trailed by volume creation in mid 2024.

In any case, in Tesla's Q1 2023 investor deck report delivered last month, the organization said the Cybertruck "stays on target to start creation not long from now at Gigafactory Texas" rather than mid-2023.

Whether beginning creation begins this late spring, the fact of the matter is the Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted trying more every now and again than any other time as of late. 

The most recent locating includes a model of Tesla's electric truck that was seen driving in Texas throughout the end of the week,

denoting whenever a Cybertruck first is shot driving on open streets in the Solitary Star State.

Last week, a Tesla Cybertruck was likewise spotted at the historic of the organization's new lithium treatment facility close to Corpus Christi in Texas -

 and later apparently trapped in a field - yet this crisp locating seems to include an alternate model.

We say that because the Twitter video from Dennis B shared by Sawyer Merritt does not feature the black tool rack that the Cybertruck had at last week's event. 

Drone pilot Joe Tegtmeyer chimed in the comments and confirmed the sighting took place in Texas, more specifically on River Road, which is on Giga Texas property, southwest side of SH-130.